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Update [16 Jul 2006|01:08pm]

For the remaining requests, in the interest of time (by the end of July, as previously promised), I'm not going to do them in chronological order, but rather those that can get completed first who have responded recently—I'm still waiting to hear back from many people with standing orders. Should I not hear back, I'll assume you didn't want anything anymore (which I understand completely). Otherwise, if you're in the 116-128 range and still want an order filled (your old request or something fresh), just comment and I'll get to you soon. Thanks!

[03 Jul 2006|03:37pm]

Hi everyone.

You know how sometimes things gets delayed and delayed and then you feel bad about that, say nothing in fear, and even more time passes? That's how I feel about this community. I feel bad for not posting a notice that I was out of the country from February to June. And I feel so guilty about all the remaining requests that are SO outdated now that I don't know why any of you would want them anymore. If you do, please correct me. I'm especially sorry to chrissykauai, who's been the active request since January.

I think it's really just best for me to put this community on hiatus. Requests are now closed; if you didn't receive a number but submitted a request check the list to see your number here. I just updated it today. It goes from 116-128. I'll complete all remaining requests (that are still desired) by the end of July, and that's a promise.

If I do reopen PS, I'll probably only open up requests for limited times. I'd also like to offer more icons already made. I think I've only done that once.

My passion for this community disappeared surprisingly quickly. I'm really happy with a lot of the stuff I've done for people but ultimately I've done more of a disservice for you than the contrary. And again I apologize.

[10 Dec 2005|12:09pm]

Hi everyone, remember me? Probably not.

The school quarter is over, and this was my last on campus before I study abroad for two quarters and then graduate. Meanwhile, two months have passed since I last filled a request. Now, I don't know why people have been so nice to me about completing requests so many months later; probably because I do this for free. But regardless, I don't feel like I deserve your patience.

That having been said, the following orders are still open, and if you want to cancel or revise, please speak up. And no one that made a layout request will owe money. This is all penance now, hehe.

Updated 7/27/06

#116 chrissykauai
#117 haeavariel¹
#118 chicklin
#119 _androgynous_
#120 potion_mistress
#121 scarletta_
#122 __bothsidesnow
#123 credilya
#124 potion_mistress
#125 elizabethsheryl
#126 ernthealmighty
#127 duhface
#128 solongjade

¹I acknowledge you canceled what you wanted before, but if you still want to replace it with something else, you can.

[29 May 2005|08:10pm]

Hi everyone. Just wanted to give a heads up that if anyone links to anything from clayish.net, the reason it's down right now is the domain expired (I always forget about that..) and I sent in payment on the 27th but it still hasn't reappeared. Hopefully it will within the next few days. Sorry for the inconvenience; I'm not enjoying it either.

Spring quarter ends June 10th. I'll [hopefully] have more time this summer to get things done; and I will, I promise. And again, you can change any existing requests you have, should you no longer want what you ordered.

[05 Mar 2005|04:31pm]

Hey guys.

Well slowly but surely I've started filling requests again. And seeing as how some of them are very old now, if you want to go back and change your request, feel free!! Just find your request on page 5 or 6 and leave an extra comment.

Again, all I can do is apologize for the lack of motivation and heaps of procrastination I've had in the last several months.

[23 Dec 2004|06:04pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Hello all. Just a brief update... I now plan to study abroad in 2006 instead so I will be able to capture media in early 2005 after all. Hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a good holiday.

addendum [09 Dec 2004|03:08pm]

[ mood | overheated ]

As per an inquiry.. don't worry if you've already requested a layout, you don't have to pay, that's only for effective for requests made after my post yesterday. Hope that clears up confusion.

state of the pie_slices [08 Dec 2004|04:02pm]

Hello everyone.

As you very well may have noticed, things have reached a total standstill in the last month. However, I do have the following updates:

A) once my Christmas break starts (December 11), I will be working on all requests until finished. I hope to have everything done by the end of December.

B) as of today, I will no longer be accepting free layout requests. To be honest, I don't enjoy doing layouts these days, and I'm discouraged that others get paid for doing such when I'm poor and doing all this for free. So from now on, if you would like a layout, it will be $2 for a free layout and $5 for a paid layout (and $2 for each additional view.. so let's say you wanted a recent view and a friends view, then it would cost $7). Payment will be by PayPal (my account address is april@clayish.net). I'm terribly sorry to even resort to this but I look at my financial situation right now and I can't continue doing something I don't enjoy doing without compensation. I hope you can understand.

C) but that doesn't affect icons! They've always been my favorite and those are still totally free. So will friends-only banners.

Also please be aware that I will be leaving for the East Coast January 6th and then leaving to study abroad in France on February 6th (which may sound odd considering I just said I'm poor but I can assure you that I'm not pulling this off easily at all, not to mention the threatening medical costs of repairing my foot that I just broke on Saturday, which the readers of my personal journal are hearing all too much about right now). I'll be in France for four months. During that whole time I won't be able to capture anything from my dvd/vcr player of course as that will stay here. Therefore, clips will either have to be from the DVDs I have or provided by you. QuickTime files are my favorite right now as they are very easy to rip and then open in ImageReady, so whenever you find those, feel free to send the page link over. www.apple.com/trailers has a lot of current movie trailers in QuickTime.

I'm so sorry about the massive delays, especially sorry to the recipient of request #96. But like I said, I'll make it up to you. Thanks to those who have been so patient.

update [15 Oct 2004|01:27pm]

Hi everyone. As you may have noticed, I've been getting very slow with filling requests. I used to want to fill at least one request every 24 hours; now that seems a foreign concept. I was doing class and work during the summer but still had more free time, it felt like. And there are other contributing factors... anyway, please have patience with me. I'll make some headway this weekend, I promise.

I recently issued request 100, very exciting.

I've also decided that from now on, only the request thread will be locked. I want to open up icon posts to more people, and it'll be easier when linking to one central location (here). There are always ways to steal icons anyway once they're being used by someone. I rather icons get used and all than protect them all because I want credit. I'll just have to deal with people who don't do as much when the time comes.

But the request thread will still be locked. This shouldn't be a problem since you need to join to make a request anyway (and will see the thread in turn), and also it keeps things more intimate and less embarrassing for me when I make mistakes delivering things (like the wrong URL). :)

Also, I hope this doesn't come off as mean, but please don't add me to your friends list just because I run this community. Make sure we have stuff in common and all, because otherwise it feels like the line between 'business' and 'friendship' is getting crossed without warning and I don't want to hurt feelings.

Any other questions? Leave a comment or IM me at LoveThyCrocker.

Thanks everyone :)

[eta:: also, I have a few more DVDs, Mean Girls and Cutting Edge, in my collection now that you can make requests from...]

[22 Sep 2004|03:06pm]

Just another notice that I will be on vacation till Monday, though you can submit requests during that time for me to tend to when I return.

[Manda, I've been trying to get your request under way but have had conflicts with swf-to-avi software... but I'll keep working on it when I get back.]

update and icons :O [20 Sep 2004|10:43pm]

Hello everyone. Well, I needed a break, but didn't expect to get one like I did this last weekend (thank you Bonnie for letting everyone know about my ethernet exile). I'm going on vacation on Wednesday or Thursday (my flight leaves Portland on Thursday) and will be back on Monday. Feel free to leave requests during that time and I'll get to them after I return.

Now then, during the unexpected break, I made icons as usual, from the OC special Obsess Completely. So if you're an OC fan you might find something of use within this uh, assorted batch.. not my best work but there's some okay work. So have at, and credit aprilbegins or pie_slices if you do use anything [eta: oh and let me know what you take!]. Gracias.

OC iconsCollapse )

Attention. [18 Sep 2004|12:28am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

This is Bonnie (midorisour.), posting on behalf of The April (aprilbegins!).

April wanted me to let you guys know that she currently does not have ethernet in her new dorm room. It will not be connected until Monday, at the earliest. She will resume filling requests as soon as she can.

As a fellow graphic designer (well, sort of.), I know how April must feel right now. Be patient, please. Consider saving your requests until a more practical date. Know what I mean?

Anywho, I better wrap this post up. Thanks for your time, and for respecting April's wishes. If you have any questions for myself or for April, you can send them to me @ xxsickenedATyahooDOTcom OR bonnersATgmailDOTcom. Thanks!

policy update [11 Sep 2004|04:53am]

I apologize for revising the icon limit again, but that limit will be two from now on, whether the icons be static, animated or one of each. The reason for this comes with the request I'm on right now (and this is not the person's fault, mind you).

Basically, they asked for three icons where icon A was specifically requested as animated, icon B was said it could be either but animated appreciated, and icon C an icon with text. Now then, as you may have figured out by now, I greatly prefer to do animated icons, and I think my animated icons greatly outshine my static ones. Thus, when I'm asked to make a choice, I'm probably going to choose animated, because I know it's likely going to turn out more impressive. So, in relation to this particular request.. that means I know I'm going to make A and B animated... and then the icon C's specifications included far too much text for me to possibly make it look good in static form, so that too will be an animated icon, which brings us up to 3 animated icons and an exceeded limit.

That might have made no sense whatsoever. But basically what I'm getting at is the 2 animated and 1 static rule had loopholes, ones the person requesting might not even notice, and because of my animated preference, it's easy for me to break my own policy. So that's no good. Thus, from now on, only two icons per request please, and as always, you're welcome to come back and request more as long as at least one person requests something before you ask again.

Please speak up if you need further clarification, because I know I'm very difficult to understand sometimes.. moreso offline where you have to deal with my motormouth :)

One month down! [26 Aug 2004|05:59am]

Hi everyone! Well, pie_slices has existed for a month now, and what a month it's been. Beyond the craziness of getting requests down (I completed request #59 of 62 earlier.. wow I might actually catch up and get a little break!), I also had a total crisis last week wherein I tried to upgrade to XP and everything went horribly wrong and I didn't get things working again until several days later.

An addendum to the requests policy:

--one layout per requests consists of either a free S1 layout (done manipulating the global_head) or for paid users, one view (recent, friends or calendar). I can certainly do more than one view, of course, but you'll need to get a new number. And I do accept S2 requests, but be aware that I've only customized one layout for it so far, compared to over 30 paid S1 layouts. So I'm not at all the best person out there to do S2 customization, but I can do it if need be.

Here are some more things I have on tape that have not been previously noted that might be of interest to people requesting icons:

--Tori Amos video anthology 1992-1998
--The Mighty
--Beavis and Butt-head: Law-Abiding Citizens (I also have many B&B episodes downloaded)
--Michael Phelps footage. Several Olympic races plus other bits they showed and also various interviews, including Access Hollywood and Today Show. He's my newest big obsession, hehe.

We're up to 98 members.. I was hoping to be up to 100 by now but what can you do.. I STILL haven't done much promotion for this community. Which leads us to the next part of this post.. how to get this community bigger and remove just that much more of my soul ;)
Advertisement of this community:

I would like to ask those who have made requests already or who are quite familiar with my work for little testimonials/reviews/whatever that I can put in the userinfo to attract new members. Even just a sentence will do. Something to let people know how I design or how the community works for you, etcetera. If you want to help with that, just comment. Thanks so much in advance. :)

Second, I was asked before (hi cartoonballoon!) if I had a button to link to this community, and didn't at the time but do now. So under the cut are some 88x31 buttons and a 468x60 banner.. you can hotlink..

woo, link to pie_slices!Collapse )

And when linking, I'd prefer if you linked to the userinfo (http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=pie_slices), though linking to the journal directly will also suffice of course. THANK YOU for your support.

And if you specifically want to be affiliates, let me know and that'll probably be just fine :)

If there's a size not here that buttons you feature are aligned to, just let me know and I'll make one up.

And finally I'd like to apologize if I haven't already for the lack of icons I offer to you. Honestly the mere thought of that has been freaking me out, but I do want to do that, because I'm afraid I'll lose members if I offer absolutely nothing, though I know this community has its own worth in its own structure. I'm not aware of any other icon community that works quite like mine does.

Whew. Sorry that was so long. Have a great day.

[05 Aug 2004|01:11am]

Okay, I have found one multimedia element I must politely decline to do again for community members... Winamp skins!  If I used a skinner, I'd be fine, but I refuse to and instead torture myself, so (at least as far as classic Winamp skins go) it's a brutally long process and I must decline to do such again (but don't feel bad, Carly).

I will soon start making posts that offer icons so that this community is more than just the requests thread :)

Have a good day!

[04 Aug 2004|03:06am]

Hello everyone!  I thought I'd do a post to give some updates and clear up some stuff..

I opened the community on 7/26; opened it officially on 7/29, so this is day seven of the madness. ;)  There's currently 79 members.  A majority of those were within the first day of my announcement, which is awesome!  The community has only been promoted via my own word of mouth and what my dear friends have done in their own journals.  I hope we're up to 100 members soon, though at a nice gradual pace, because I am only one person and have already been overwhelmed by the response here.  But I have no intentions of giving up (though I already know I'll probably have to give the community a sabbatical when I'm studying abroad in France next year).

I'm currently on request #25/30.  If your number has already come up but for some reason LiveJournal's currently wiggy comment system did not deliver your order, please check for it directly!  I don't want any of my work going to waste, of course.

Request thread updates:

I feel the need to implement some limits with how much can be request at once.  All requests already made aren't affected by this, but from now on, this much can be requested in one order:

--no more than 2 animated icons, and no more than 3 icons total
--1 layout
--1 friends-only banner

Those are the most popular requests thus far.. of course there's other things one can request.  And if I run into a problem with any other requests and need to implement another limit, I'll let you all know.

And don't forget ... you can always make new orders!  Just wait for at least one person to request something between your orders.  Thanks. :)

Any other questions?  Just comment!

Grand opening! [29 Jul 2004|12:35am]

Welcome to pie_slices!!  I'm April, your hostess.

To join the community, click here and I will (most likely) approve you. Then add the community to your friends list, please.

To request something, after joining the community, go to the requests thread.

Thanks for stopping by!

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