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Hi everyone. As you may have noticed, I've been getting very slow with filling requests. I used to want to fill at least one request every 24 hours; now that seems a foreign concept. I was doing class and work during the summer but still had more free time, it felt like. And there are other contributing factors... anyway, please have patience with me. I'll make some headway this weekend, I promise.

I recently issued request 100, very exciting.

I've also decided that from now on, only the request thread will be locked. I want to open up icon posts to more people, and it'll be easier when linking to one central location (here). There are always ways to steal icons anyway once they're being used by someone. I rather icons get used and all than protect them all because I want credit. I'll just have to deal with people who don't do as much when the time comes.

But the request thread will still be locked. This shouldn't be a problem since you need to join to make a request anyway (and will see the thread in turn), and also it keeps things more intimate and less embarrassing for me when I make mistakes delivering things (like the wrong URL). :)

Also, I hope this doesn't come off as mean, but please don't add me to your friends list just because I run this community. Make sure we have stuff in common and all, because otherwise it feels like the line between 'business' and 'friendship' is getting crossed without warning and I don't want to hurt feelings.

Any other questions? Leave a comment or IM me at LoveThyCrocker.

Thanks everyone :)

[eta:: also, I have a few more DVDs, Mean Girls and Cutting Edge, in my collection now that you can make requests from...]
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