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state of the pie_slices

Hello everyone.

As you very well may have noticed, things have reached a total standstill in the last month. However, I do have the following updates:

A) once my Christmas break starts (December 11), I will be working on all requests until finished. I hope to have everything done by the end of December.

B) as of today, I will no longer be accepting free layout requests. To be honest, I don't enjoy doing layouts these days, and I'm discouraged that others get paid for doing such when I'm poor and doing all this for free. So from now on, if you would like a layout, it will be $2 for a free layout and $5 for a paid layout (and $2 for each additional view.. so let's say you wanted a recent view and a friends view, then it would cost $7). Payment will be by PayPal (my account address is april@clayish.net). I'm terribly sorry to even resort to this but I look at my financial situation right now and I can't continue doing something I don't enjoy doing without compensation. I hope you can understand.

C) but that doesn't affect icons! They've always been my favorite and those are still totally free. So will friends-only banners.

Also please be aware that I will be leaving for the East Coast January 6th and then leaving to study abroad in France on February 6th (which may sound odd considering I just said I'm poor but I can assure you that I'm not pulling this off easily at all, not to mention the threatening medical costs of repairing my foot that I just broke on Saturday, which the readers of my personal journal are hearing all too much about right now). I'll be in France for four months. During that whole time I won't be able to capture anything from my dvd/vcr player of course as that will stay here. Therefore, clips will either have to be from the DVDs I have or provided by you. QuickTime files are my favorite right now as they are very easy to rip and then open in ImageReady, so whenever you find those, feel free to send the page link over. www.apple.com/trailers has a lot of current movie trailers in QuickTime.

I'm so sorry about the massive delays, especially sorry to the recipient of request #96. But like I said, I'll make it up to you. Thanks to those who have been so patient.
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