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Hi everyone, remember me? Probably not.

The school quarter is over, and this was my last on campus before I study abroad for two quarters and then graduate. Meanwhile, two months have passed since I last filled a request. Now, I don't know why people have been so nice to me about completing requests so many months later; probably because I do this for free. But regardless, I don't feel like I deserve your patience.

That having been said, the following orders are still open, and if you want to cancel or revise, please speak up. And no one that made a layout request will owe money. This is all penance now, hehe.

Updated 7/27/06

#116 chrissykauai
#117 haeavariel¹
#118 chicklin
#119 _androgynous_
#120 potion_mistress
#121 scarletta_
#122 __bothsidesnow
#123 credilya
#124 potion_mistress
#125 elizabethsheryl
#126 ernthealmighty
#127 duhface
#128 solongjade

¹I acknowledge you canceled what you wanted before, but if you still want to replace it with something else, you can.
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